What has DISNEY CHANNEL come to?! Me n my brother are trying to find something to watch and we happen upon this Sam&Cat show. (Sam from ICarly, Cat from Victorious I was told). So Cat’s grandma leavea her to go join a senior home to live out her Elderly teenage dream…leaving Cat to her lonesome with no parents or other family. Mind you she’s a kid! And Sam is supposed to only be there temporarily….she’s debating going home bc he bestfriend (Carly) moved n her mother doesn’t pay attention to her…so she left Seattle for L.A….thus meeting Cat. ANYWAY I’m waiting for the part where they move in together and commence more foolishness. But…where…where…WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS? ! Their legal guardians? Bc they surely can’t be over 18 right? Idk but I just know that DISNEY AS I USED TO NO IT HAS DIED. Lolll

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      1st Sam and Cat is on Nickelodeon not Disney 2nd Sam and Cat are supposed to be 18-19, so they are old enough to live on...
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      Shows how not in touch with this childish crap I am lmao
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      It’s NICKELODEON not the Disney Channel -____-